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This is the DELO Academy – We are dedicated to synergies!

We know one thing for sure in the DELO Academy: It is never too late to learn. Therefore, we support and promote our own employees in enlarging and expanding their level of knowledge. We also want to make people enthusiastic about adhesives and make the opportunities which bonding has to offer more tangible.

By cooperating with various educational institutions, such as universities, colleges, schools and training institutions, the knowledge and the long-time experience in the field of bonding technology are to be communicated and shared.

Training courses and seminars

Solving bonding tasks is very complex.
Explore basic knowledge of bonding technology in our webinars.
Expand your practical knowledge in our basic training courses, bonding seminars or in customer-specific courses according to your individual requirements.

Bonding Test at DELO Seminars

Schools, colleges and universities

Education is an investment in the future. Therefore, the DELO Academy offers internal and external lectures as well as practical training courses about bonding for all types of educational institutions.

Students can write their final papers at DELO.

Educational institutes

Knowledge building and further education

Bond it - Reference book on bonding technology

Bonding requires a high level of knowledge which is normally hardly or not taught at all. Besides incorporation by the specific department, individual training courses in the DELO Academy await you after your start.

In addition, the DELO Academy supports the employees by offering advanced bonding seminars and promotes general training and education by individual additional qualifications.



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