Polyurethane adhesive – for excellent strength

Polyurethane adhesives are two-component products for bonding plastics that cure at room temperature. Mainly, they are used as structural adhesives and for potting in electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering and in aircraft interiors. Also known as PU adhesive, it can be applied in various thicknesses and as a construction-carrying element.

To suit different environments, polyurethane glue needs to be adaptable: Therefore, our products range from tough to flexible. For easy application, DELO-PUR polyurethane adhesives come in hobbocks as well as in double-chamber cartridges that work well with common mixing and dispensing systems!

Application areas


Room Temperature Curing
  • Great tough-elastic properties
  • Excellent strength when dealing with both static and dynamic loads
  • Suitable for larger bonding areas thanks to the polyurethane adhesive's consistency
  • Good tension-equalizing properties

Application examples

Magnet frames

Corner connectors are bonded into magnetic frames using DELO-PUR

Magnet frames need corner connectors to guarantee stability. Here, industry-strength polyurethane adhesive ensures excellent adhesion.


Adhesives for camera bonding - DELO-PUR

When it comes to the automotive sector, polyurethane adhesives are used to perfectly seal camera housings – so water and moisture don't stand a chance!

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Two-component polyurethanes
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