Electronic components and sensors are mainly found in in-flight entertainment systems or air conditioners.


Similar to components in the automotive industry, electronic elements in aircrafts are often subject to extreme conditions and must be usable in a wide temperature range.

In addition, they must be resistant to extreme forces and vibrations and withstand aggressive media. DELO has developed chip encapsulants especially for this purpose.


Light systems are essential in aircrafts. DELO supplies a range of adhesives for a wide variety of optoelectronic applications.

Bonding as a joining method supports the trend towards miniaturization and makes many applications more cost-efficient. DELO adhesives are suitable for use in cabin lighting, illuminated signs, reflective stripes or emergency lighting.

Bonding of sensors

Sensors required in the aircraft industry place special demands on the adhesives used.

They must protect the sensor from external influences such as pressure or aggressive media. Open contact areas at the housing must be reliably covered and protected from corrosion.


The leading edge of bonding technology
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Quick and Process-reliable Bonding of Fastening Elements
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