Display Integration: Screens Have Become Omnipresent

Displays are ubiquitous – on mobile devices, in cars, on ATMs, or control panels in industry. DELO adhesives are used for structural bonding of such displays. Examples of their use include bonding and sealing of displays in housings, frame bonding, and edge coating.

When integrating displays into assemblies, the most important thing is to create a tension-free and reliable connection between the display glass and the frame as well as between the different materials of retainers or housings. DELO has developed various adhesive solutions with different curing mechanisms for this purpose.

Display Bonding in Cars: From the Cockpit to the Control Center

Navigation, infotainment and input screens as well as head-up displays are now the central interface between vehicle and driver or passenger. Various adhesives can be used for bonding display frames to protective glass, for bonding and sealing displays in housings, for connecting functional components for haptic feedback, and for constructing head-up displays. DELO has developed special adhesives for this purpose, which allow for fast production processes. These DELO PHOTOBOND products include light-activated adhesives that cure by humidity and thus enable "curing on demand". These adhesives can also be used to quickly and reliably bond opaque components such as retainers, housings, display frames, and protective glass, which often have black printing on the edges.

Consumer Electronics: Displays From Small to Large

Whether smartwatch, mobile phone, or tablet – electronic devices are simply inconceivable without high-performance displays. DELO adhesives are used to reliably bond the displays to their housings or to permanently seal and mechanically protect them. DELO has developed special light-curing and dual-curing adhesives for these applications. Their special curing mechanisms ensure fast production processes.


  • Information systems in cars
  • Instrument displays in cars
  • Car audio and infotainment displays
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Wearables
  • TV
  • Camera displays
  • Navigation and entertainment systems
  • Machine and system displays
  • Displays in household appliances
  • Display protection glass

Typical applications

  • Structural bonding of displays to frames and housings
  • Sealing housings
  • OLED edge coating
  • Bonding of operating elements to display protection glass
  • Bonding of functional components to the display structure (haptic feedback)
  • Bonding of various components in head-up displays
  • Bonding of various components such as COG/COF or flex conductors to displays and protection of components


Benefits, Adhesives and Curing Lamps
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