E-readers and e-books on the basis of electrophoretic displays are experiencing increasing popularity. Their unique feature is a high-level reading quality that comes very close to that of printed paper, and have a long battery life of several weeks at the same time.

In order to make sure that the readers are fully functioning even at elevated temperatures, or in climates of high humidity or extreme dryness, the displays must be sealed by adhesive. Especially for this purpose, DELO has developed a range of adhesives with low permeation and disparate flexibilities adjusted to the specific application. The adhesives’ special feature is that they not only can be be UV-cured, but if necessary they can also be cured by exposure to visible light, for example if the adhesive is supposed to be cured through UV-blocked foils. The overall solution of disparate light curing mechanisms in combination with the newly developed DELOLUX 20 LED area lamp provides the customer with an efficient, fast and economical alternative to conventional systems for the encapsulation of e-paper displays.


Benefits, Adhesives and Curing Lamps
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