For new and consistently improved products, such as mini-3D-cameras for mobile phone, beamers for smartphones and 3D screens, micro-optics are becoming more and more important. With newly developed, fast-curing and highly transparent imprint materials, DELO enables its customers to push forward these developments.

The lenses are produced by molding. Corresponding adhesives are also available for wafer bonding.


  • UV replica processes and micro-lens imprint


  • High yellowing resistance at elevated temperatures, especially in reflow processes
  • Very high transmission in the visible range
  • Low outgassing
  • Very low shrinkage
  • Excellent adhesion to glass with simultaneous debondability from punch materials
  • Halogen-free (IEC 61249-2-21)


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Benefits, Adhesives and Curing Lamps
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Adhesives, Advantages, and Application Areas
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