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After completing my PhD in solid state physics I joined DELO´s Engineering Department as an Application Engineer. Two years later I was already Team Leader for a special application field. I find discovering new applications for adhesives with customers and working on bonding solutions with colleagues from various departments utterly fascinating, along with business trips to users in Asia. You really feel as though you have your finger on the pulse of the times.

With a degree in materials science and a PhD I started out at DELO as an Application Engineer. A lot has happened since then. As Group Leader I'm now responsible for various applications and teams. In between times I was on maternity leave and worked part-time for a few months. Now I'm back working full-time, however thanks to flexible working hours I can look after both my team at DELO and my team at home. The work-life balance is best adjusted at DELO.

After my apprenticeship as a mechatronic technician and further training to be an electrical engineering technician I joined DELO in their Equipment Department department as an Equipment Tester. After some years of experience with our products I took over project management for the development of all new UV LED curing systems. I now head the curing lamp section at Equipment Development.

After my apprenticeship as an office management assistant I joined International Sales at DELO as a Team Assistant. Our International Sales have grown steadily and so have my responsibilities. In just a few years I helped develop our business fields and took over management of the support team in International Sales. I became personal assistant to the Managing Director, I head our Market Intelligence Team and I'm in the process of finishing my part-time MBA. Helping to shape development at DELO and further my career at the same time affords me immense pleasure.

I trained as a retail saleswoman for watches and jewelry and worked in this line for 26 years. After hearing that DELO was looking for laboratory assistants and welcomed people with a different background, I applied for the job and started at DELO. After two years in the laboratory I worked for two years as the assistant to the Product Manager. Today, I've been back in our Engineering laboratory and work as a Group Leader for two product groups - it is absolutely my dream job.

I did my apprenticeship at DELO as an industrial clerk and once I finished it, I was taken on permanently as a Warehouse Management Assistant. Around one year later I completed further training to become an Industrial Business Administrator with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. DELO gave me six months' leave to do it. When I returned I was given more and more responsibility and after two years I had already been appointed Deputy Warehouse Manager. I've been Warehouse Manager now since last year and I love my job.

I've been working for DELO for nine years and this is already my fourth position. After studying mechanical engineering I started out as an Application Engineer. Around three years later, I moved to Sales where I was responsible for Eastern Europe. I then headed for California where I initially worked as sales manager and now I'm a key account manager in the Bay Area around San Francisco. DELO is a shining example for me that there are always opportunities out there of really going places. Variety is important and it is all the better if it is possible within your company.

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