Fair play!

Fair Company Award

DELO is a “Fair Company”

DELO Industrial Adhesives joined the German-wide initiative of karriere.de – the central career portal of Handelsblatt and WiWo. DELO is conscious of its responsibility for young graduates and ensures excellent internship conditions by respecting the “Fair Company” rules.

DELO promotes and attends to students and graduates, and gives them the possibility to take an active share in the company’s development right from the start. Smart and creative people are in demand who want to participate in designing DELO’s future.

In addition, DELO pays its motivated interns fair salaries. Internships should be both, paid work and the opportunity for a permanent job.

Fair companies...

  • do not replace full-time jobs by interns, temporary workers, volunteers or guest students
  • do not put graduates off with internships when they have applied for permanent jobs
  • do not lure interns with the vague prospect of a later full-time job
  • offer internships mainly for professional orientation during the training phase
  • pay interns an adequate salary

By receiving this seal of quality, DELO has agreed to create transparency and comply with the rules.

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