Determination of pretreatment parameters of a low pressure plasma system

When bonding plastics, the surface energy and polarity of the substrate must often be increased to optimize the bondability. The goal of the internship is to determine the best parameters of a low pressure plasma system for the most important plastics used by DELO in order to maximize the strength even after simulated aging. In addition to pressure, power, time and position in the chamber, it is also possible to change the process gas.

During a training course, you will learn the basics of bonding technology and introduced to this very interesting and diversified topic. All systems and devices of the Engineering Department are available for the duration of your internship.

We are looking forward to your commitment, creativity and willingness to help us design new processes in various industries, such as microelectronics, consumer electronics, automotive, etc.

DELO is keen on hiring good interns after their graduation.

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