DELO: Bonding adhesives and curing equipment for strong connections

As an expert in adhesion and bonding, we offer high-tech products for a variety of application areas and industries, including electronics, automotive, mechanical engineering and more. For remarkable solutions, we recommend using DELO's strong adhesives with our customized curing equipment, e.g. dispensing systems and LED curing lamps.

There are numerous advantages: As everything fits together perfectly, you will save precious time when it comes to the curing equipment's service and maintenance. Smooth and safe production is ensured with suitable adhesive equipment. DELO is your active partner when it comes to optimizing processes - for efficient operations without delays.

Our portfolio of adhesives equipment includes:

For reliably cured adhesives
– in a matter of seconds

For very precise application of even the smallest amounts of adhesives

For clean and safe application of adhesives of all viscosities

DELO products are "Made in Germany"

DELO curing systems are developed and produced in Germany. "Made in Germany" has long been synonymous with outstanding quality and performance.

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Bubble-free dispensing with DELO FLEXCAP

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