Flame-Retardant Construction Adhesive on Board

Flame-Retardant Construction Adhesive on Board

The two-component adhesive for aircraft interiors DELO-DUOPOX AB8390 is particularly well suited for bonding of light-weight sandwich panels.

Before adhesives can be used in aircraft interiors, they are subjected to various tests to prove their suitability. The epoxy resin independently fulfils, among others, the requirements regarding fire protection (FST, flammability, smoke density and toxicity) according to CS/FAR part 25 § 25.853 (a)(1)(ii)/(d) and ABD0031. Currently DELO-DUOPOX AB8390 is used by the Tier-1 supplier FACC in Austria for the adhesive bonding of overhead stowage compartments.

This construction adhesive has been developed especially for use in aircraft interiors and features important properties such as good resistance in the temperature range from -55°C to +85°C. The adhesive is colorfast in white and will remain so, which has been proved in a storage test during a time period of 1,000 hours at +70°C and an air humidity of 85 %. In contrast to other adhesives which can yellow strongly, DELO-DUOPOX AB8390 offers a robust color result for high-quality aircraft interior applications.

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The viscosity of thixotropic adhesives is reduced by shaking or shearing, thus facilitating their dispensing. Once the adhesive is no longer subject to dynamic stress, it regains its original viscosity and becomes more flow-resistant.

Dispensing on the Fly

The DELO-AUTOMIX dispensing system allows the thixotropic epoxy resin to be quickly and easily applied, just like a one-component adhesive. During manual processing, the processing time of 30 minutes also allows a rework on the component. The adhesive cures completely at room temperature. To reduce the cycle times in production, higher temperatures, e. g. +60 °C, may accelerate the curing process. Due to the optimized dispensing behavior in combination with the high resistances, this flame-retardant construction adhesive is not only predestined for load-bearing connections with inserts but also for adhesive bonding in the field of ditch & pot applications.

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