Compact and Reliable: LED Curing Lamp for Small Surfaces

Compact and Reliable: LED Curing Lamp for Small Surfaces

Integration into systems with optimum use of space

DELOLUX 503 is a particularly space-saving UV lamp for adhesive curing. The powerful lamp is designed for industrial applications requiring small surfaces to be bonded within seconds in serial production lines, for example for bonding cameras used in autonomous cars.

Increasing miniaturization calls for more compact production systems. When developing the new lamp, special attention was also paid to minimum installation dimensions. The lamp comes with another feature: its light is directed diagonally downwards, so it does not need to be installed at level with the components to be bonded. This gives more moving space to axes or grippers and facilitates integration into complex systems.

Irradiation of the adhesive (magenta) by four DELOLUX 503 LED curing lamps, fixing the lens of a camera for automated driving in its exact position (Figure: DELO)

At a typical working distance of 15 mm, the DELOLUX 503 curing lamp irradiates an area of 18 mm x 6 mm. This high-performance spot light source is available in two versions. One model, featuring a wavelength of 365 nm and a nominal intensity of more than 1000 mW/cm², has been optimized for fast fixation in less than a second. The second version with a wavelength of 400 nm and an intensity of more than 1600 mW/cm² has been developed with a focus on optimized deep curing of the adhesive and better penetration of hardly translucent plastics.

Thanks to continuous intensity control as well as internal control and monitoring of important parameters such as the LED temperature, the UV lamp ensures high process reliability. Up to four LED heads can be controlled by the DELO-UNIPRO and DELO-UNIPRO Light controllers or by an external PLC, allowing the adhesive to be evenly exposed from several sides.

LED lamps are the leading technology in the field of curing lamps. Their emission spectrum can be adjusted to the specific adhesive, enabling optimized curing of the adhesive and preventing unnecessary heat input into the component from unused wavelengths. The LEDs great longevity and low energy consumption help make production processes highly cost-efficient.

Example of assembly process for high-precision alignment of a camera lenses