Interview with: Dr.-Ing. Wolf-Dietrich Herold Managing Partner

Interview with: Dr.-Ing. Wolf-Dietrich Herold Managing Partner

In an interview, Dr.-Ing. Wolf-Dietrich Herold tells about the new impressive features of DELOLUX pilot.


Why did you opt for a touchscreen on DELOLUX pilot?
Touchscreens are omnipresent: Whether smartphones, cash machines, or navigation devices – they are all designed for easy control with menu-guided touch panels. Such ease of use, however, is often still lacking for industrial installations. That is what we wanted to change. So we invested a great deal of development know-how in our new DELOLUX pilot and its modern user interface.

What is so special about it?
One special feature is the option to use only one base unit for controlling and operating up to four lamp heads. Five devices were needed before – four power supplies and one controller. The lighting parameters of the four lamp heads are displayed side by side on a large 7" touch screen and can be set individually by the user. In addition, integrated status messages inform about possible malfunctions to ensure a smooth production flow. The user management is another useful tool, since the individual profiles are password-protected and access rights can be assigned.

What are the user’s benefits?
This is quite simple: Users benefit from lean equipment and increased reliability. The new base unit helps them optimize production processes by displaying recommended actions and allowing users to intervene immediately.

What are your future projects?
Of course, we want to make all our lamps compatible with DELOLUX pilot. This, however, is still a dream of the future. Our present priority is to demonstrate customers the great flexibility provided by the base unit in order to develop new solutions with a focus on their specific requirements.

Dr.-Ing. Wolf-Dietrich Herold