DELO Presents LED Lamp for Smart Card Production

DELO Industrial Adhesives has launched a new LED area lamp. Due to an irradiated area with a maximum length of 1.25 m and a wavelength of 365 nm, the DELOLUX 820 model addresses the smart card industry, in particular.

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New Form in Place Gaskets from DELO Cure in Seconds

DELO Industrial Adhesives has developed form in place (FIP) gaskets that protect housing covers from dust, air and water. These new static liquid seal products can be light cured within seconds.

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New Cartridges for RFID Adhesives Help Save Costs

DELO Industrial Adhesives and Mühlbauer – a worldwide leading manufacturer of RFID smart label systems – are continuously striving to the efficiency of RFID production. DELO’s flexible DELO-FLEXCAP foil cartridge can now also be used for RFID adhesives and has already been tested on Mühlbauer’s systems for inlay production. Manufacturers of inlays are able to cut down their adhesive costs to a considerable extent.

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Maximum Power for LED Lamps

DELO Industrial Adhesives has increased the intensity of its LED area lamps for light-curing adhesives. The upgrade is now available for the 400 nm variants of DELOLUX 20 and DELOLUX 202. Thus, both lamps nearly double their intensity and now reach up to 600 mW/cm².

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In Six Seconds to +180 °C

DELO, manufacturer of industrial adhesives, has developed a new metal adhesive for electric motors to extend its product range by an adhesive combining a broad temperature range of use with fast and simple production processes.

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Bonding of Stainless Steel Has Never Been Easier Thanks to Lasers

It is well known that stainless steel is difficult to bond, and durable bonded connections are often only enabled through pretreatment. DELO Industrial Adhesives and the Institute of Production Engineering and Materials Testing of the Ulm University of Applied Sciences have recently discovered that laser-pretreated stainless steel bondings are nearly as durable as after SACO pretreatment.

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