DELO Brings Light to the Dark Side

DELO Industrial Adhesives has introduced black adhesives that are light-curable. These products are in demand for visual or safety reasons in many applications, but are very difficult to develop.

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Dual-Curing Adhesives – Full Strength at Only 60 °C

DELO has developed new dual-curing adhesives that reach full strength at only 60 °C after prefixation by light. The new range is completed by adhesives curing in a single step at low temperatures, three times faster than previous products. These epoxy resin-based adhesives are mainly used in electronics.

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LED-Compatible Materials for Light Engines

DELO Industrial Adhesives has tested and released 14 adhesives for use in LED lighting. Ten products have received approval for direct LED contact, and an additional four were certified for indirect contact. They allow for durable, high-intensity LED modules and light engines.

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DELO: Dual-Curing Adhesive for High-Performance Applications

DELO Industrial Adhesives presents a hybrid adhesive for the automotive and electronics industry – an epoxy resin that is light-fixable for the high-reliability sector.

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New Sealants Remain Flexible Even at High Temperatures

DELO Industrial Adhesives has released three new, highly flexible acrylates especially for sealing and casting small-volume applications such as relays, microswitches, and pins. The adhesives combine opposing properties: they are highly flexible, and yet at the same time resistant to temperatures.

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New High Temperature Adhesives and Encapsulants for Applications up to +250 °C

DELO Industrial Adhesives presents new one-component epoxy resins based on anhydrides with an operating temperature range of -65 °C to +250 °C. They are particularly suitable for bonding or encapsulating sensors and semiconductors.

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