New High Temperature Adhesives and Encapsulants for Applications up to +250 °C


DELO Industrial Adhesives presents new one-component epoxy resins based on anhydrides with an operating temperature range of -65 °C to +250 °C. They are particularly suitable for bonding or encapsulating sensors and semiconductors.

DELO's anhydride-based adhesives have proved their worth in high-reliability applications thanks to their superb chemical resistance. They have impressed users with their universal adhesive strength, high level of stability, and excellent processing characteristics. Their high temperature- and chemical-resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient of 11 ppm/K or less can be attributed to their extremely dense crosslinking. This gives them a clear advantage over aminic adhesives.

In addition to these benefits, the newly developed adhesives also have the impressive characteristic of remaining strong and stable in temperatures up to +250 °C. That is 70 °C more than previous standard products based on anhydrides. Even after 500 hours of storage at +250 °C they exhibit a tensile strength of 50 MPa. As well as a high temperature-resistance, the adhesives also have a high bond strength at temperatures above +200 °C. After storage for 500 hours at +250 °C, a compression shear strength of 8 MPa was achieved at a test temperature of +220 °C.

With such impressive performance, these adhesives are suitable for applications in which bonded or encapsulated components must withstand high temperatures and aggressive media, as is increasingly called for in areas such as the automotive, power electronics, or oil and gas industries.

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