Everything is under control – with state-of-the-art control unit DELOMAT

Adhesives can be distributed by manual dispensing controllers – or pneumatic options. Here, adhesives are dispensed through a dispensing needle by way of compressed air. To precisely navigate dispensing pressure and time, we have developed DELOMAT.

This innovative dispensing unit gives you control over pressure and time – either manually or via electrical inputs and outputs. In addition, this state-of-the-art control unit can be integrated into a fully automated control system. DELOMAT can also actively direct further processing steps.


Pneumatic control units enable flexible integration into manual work stations as well as price-conscious layouts of fully automated processes. Some systems can also drive other process components, such as conveyor belts and lamps.


  • Flexible dispensing control unit for semi- or fully automated work stations
  • Universal adhesive dispensing from pressure tanks, Euro or small cartridges
  • Various dosing times can be set at the dispensing controller: for fixed settings or external control over individual cycles
  • No unwanted dripping thanks to a regulated vacuum that keeps low-viscosity products in small cartridges

DELO dispensing units comply with the applicable EMC guidelines and have the CE mark.

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