Excellent bonding results – thanks to DELO's state-of-the-art adhesives

For more than 50 years, DELO has been convincing customers with its adhesion solutions: Whenever reliable, durable and fast-curing bonds are necessary, DELO glues report for duty!

There is a wide range of application areas for our adhesives: from microelectronics, electronics, RFID, photovoltaics to mechanical engineering. For best results in adhesive bonding of components, get in touch and consult with our experts: Whether you need cyanoacrylates, epoxy resins or silicone adhesives, there is an excellent DELO product for you!

UV light and heat for quick-curing adhesion

Our portfolio carries light-curing, heat-curing, dual cure and anaerobic adhesives. What are some relevant aspects to these different adhesive bonding mechanisms? When using UV light, suitable glue cures completely in a matter of seconds. This is beneficial and profitable for manufacturing sites with short cycle times as bonded elements are ready for further processing immediately. Heat-curing adhesives need ovens for optimal hardening. Dual cure glues can be hardened by simply applying light – in addition, DELO has developed a mechanism to enable curing by adding moisture or heat. Anaerobic glues need a specific environment to cure: the exclusion of air and the simultaneous availability of metal ions.

All about adhesives: DELO excels at offering expert advice and service!

To ensure excellent results in adhesive bonding, it is necessary to precisely analyze the requirements. At DELO, an adhesion expert is always within reach to find a reliable solution for your setting and situation.

When it comes to strong adhesives, quick and safe processes and reliable curing times, DELO is your partner. Contact us now, we are looking forward to consulting with you!

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