Tough aerospace adhesive for aircraft interiors

Light-weight is not just important in automotive but also in aircraft construction, especially in aircraft interiors. Here, adhesives are great to connect materials reliably without adding weight. Hence, bonding is an ideal joining method whenever your focus is on light-weight construction in aerospace and aircraft interior design.

DELO aerospace adhesives (help you) take off!

Whenever glueing light-weight, composite materials in aircraft interiors, weight and (fuel) costs can be further reduced. Industrial aerospace adhesive solutions are used in a variety of places, for example: lights, displays, AC, seats, fasteners, cockpit doors, and electronics. DELO products will help you reach tight weight goals!

Brochure: Adhesives for aircraft interiors

Aircraft interiors call for 'Safety First'

Passengers' safety is of crucial importance on airplanes. That is why manufacturers use materials and products offering stability in case of fire when it comes to performance and harmful emissions (determined with fire smoke toxicity testing). DELO is an expert in aerospace adhesive solutions: Our products exceed expectations and perform great in tests.


  • High temperature stability
  • The adhesives are specially adapted to the materials to be joined
  • Particularly high strength on plastics such as PPSU
  • Qualified and released by Airbus according to AIMS 10-04-001 (depending on product) 

Application examples

Bonding of cabin interiors

The adhesives face a wide variety of challenges in this field as they bond side walls, luggage racks, light covers as well as special Dado panels.

Assembly of fasteners

Countless assembly elements, such as inserts or ONSERTs®, can be found in the aircraft interior. These special fasteners are used for example in air distribution systems and all types of pipes and cable lines.

Electronics / sensors

Electronic components and sensors are mainly found in in-flight entertainment systems or air conditioners.

The following products have not been qualified according to AIMS 10-04-001 so far:

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