Transparent Adhesives for Flacons

The perfume flacon is usually just as special as the fragrance itself. To make the flacons visually appealing, decorative elements or closures made of metal or plastic are often bonded to the small glass bottles. The important thing here is that the bonding area is not visible, a requirement that can be met by using transparent adhesives.

Using Transparent UV Adhesive for Bonding Emblems to Flacons

Decorative elements or closures are mostly made of metal and plastic. DELO PHOTOBOND adhesives are ideally suited for bonding plastic to glass. They are transparent, colorless, and resistant to yellowing, thus fulfilling all the requirements for invisible bonding. Metal emblems and closures as well, can be reliably bonded to the glass flacons.

DELO PHOTOBOND adhesives are acrylate-based and light-curing. To achieve a permanent bond, at least one component needs to be translucent.

The adhesives present the following advantages for bonding decorative metal or plastic elements to glass:

  • Their high transparency makes bonding areas invisible and provides the flacons with a visually pleasing design.
  • Thanks to the light-curing mechanism, the adhesive cures quickly and thus enables swift and efficient processing.
  • The high strength and the humidity resistance of the bond ensure its durability - without any signs of yellowing.

Bonding Emblems to Opaque Glass

Fast and easy bonding of emblems or closures is even possible on perfume flacons of opaque glass. For such opaque bottles, our customers rely on DELO PHOTOBOND LA adhesives. These adhesives can be preactivated by light and thus it is possible to bond opaque materials reliably. After preactivation and joining the adhesives cure at room temperature under the influence of air humidity.

Automatic dispensing is possible for both DELO PHOTOBOND and DELO PHOTOBOND LA adhesives - for example by means of the microdispensing valve DELO-DOT PN3.

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