Hinge-bonding of shower walls

The companies Duscholux and Artweger rely on DELO PHOTOBOND light-curing adhesives when it comes to hinge-bonding shower walls.

Lastingly connecting diverse materials with one another is one of the greatest challenges of manufacturing glass shower enclosures. In the traditional joining method, hinges are screwed into glass doors. However, this not only requires drilling in pre-stressed glass, but also calls for massive hinges that necessitate a mounting screw in addition to a presetting that will compensate for tolerances.

Advantages of bonding with light-curing adhesives:

  • Considerably lower tolerances, since tolerance compensation can be omitted
  • Elegant hinges significantly enhance freedom of design
  • The shower enclosure is easy to clean, as it is not necessary to scrub around screw heads

Customers are won over by the process reliability and bonding technology of DELO’s light-curing adhesives, which demonstrate extraordinary strength as well as long-term durability. At the same time, the transparency of the light-curing adhesives makes them perfect for bondings that must be visually appealing, as they remain translucent even after they have been cured.

The adhesive is cured using DELO’s state-of-the-art LED-technology, for which purpose, the LED lamp’s wavelength has been specifically coordinated to fit the adhesive that will be used. The curing process is complete in two minutes or less after which the components can be immediately burdened.

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