No more reflections and mirroring effects: Clear displays thanks to optical bonding

Whether it's consumer electronics, cars or industrial plants, displays are everywhere! Clear visibility can be an issue in sunlight. This is mainly due to the air gap between display and glass cover. That is where sunlight refracts.

Every day we wipe, every day we type: Displays are an integral part of our everyday life. We use them on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets, when paying for parking or withdrawing cash from an ATM. Demands are ever-growing and so is what optical bonding has to accomplish with touch screen adhesive solutions: We all need displays to be transparent and want to have an easy time reading on them – in all light conditions! Consequently, one of DELO's focus points for many years has been developing liquid optically clear adhesive for displays. We have grown our portfolio to include customized optical clear adhesive solutions for a variety of industrial applications.

ATM or cell phone: Optical bonding with DELO for crystal clear displays

DELO's liquid optically clear adhesive products fill the air gap between display (with or without bezel) and glass cover. Working with refraction, reflection is reduced by two thirds. This also reduces energy consumption as less energy is used for a display's backlight brightness. Besides improved visibility when using a display, optical bonding and filling the air gap has other advantages: Less space for dust and condensation on the glass display in humid surroundings!

Application examples

Optical bonding

The success of iPhone and iPad [iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries] are triggering a boom in touch panel displays. The touch panels are often attached in front of the display. The bonding gap in between causes undesired reflections and limited readability in direct sunlight.

E-paper sealing

E-readers and e-books on the basis of electrophoretic displays are experiencing increasing popularity. Their unique feature is a high-level reading quality that comes very close to that of printed paper, and have a long battery life of several weeks at the same time.

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