The increasing cost pressure on the photovoltaics market means that production processes must be optimized continuously. DELO’s two-component RM compounds (ReMovables) are precisely tailored to the high requirements in the wafering process, and therefore make possible high output rates. To prepare the cutting process, the assembly plate, the loss plate or carrier, and the silicon ingots are bonded and fixed.

During wafering, the bonded silicon ingots are clamped into the wire saw by means of the assembly plate. Then they are cut into thin wafers. The adhesive must reliably fix the cut wafers to the loss plate. Afterwards, the wafers must be debonded from the loss plate without leaving any residue, for example, in baths of hot water or diluted acid. The adhesive must not contaminate the debonding bath or the silicon, but should adhere to the carrier. 


  • Nonylphenol-free
  • High temperature stability and high bond strength on silicon, glass, polymer, steel, or aluminum
  • Excellent resistance to glycol (slurry)
  • Universal debonding in annealed media like water or diluted acids without leaving any residue


  • Excellent sawing properties for slurry and diamond wire saws
  • Reliable fixing during cutting and very low silicon waste
  • Easy processing
  • High process reliability
  • Processing times and curing times tailored to the process
  • No contamination of the silicon material during debonding
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