Bonding Technology for Automotive Lighting

A virtual conference | November 9, 2021

Light up with "Bonding technology for automotive lighting" at the virtual conference!

Not only since the IAA Munich it is clear that the next trend in the automotive sector is just around the corner: Lighting in and around cars is picking up speed. On this occasion, DELO, together with proven experts from the field, will illuminate the new possibilities on the topic of "Lighting Solutions for Automotive" in a virtual conference on November 9, 2021.

The following companies will be participating

  • Marelli Automotive Lighting | A glance at the practice: application of adhesives for precisely aligned light sources
  • SÜSS MicroOptics | Microlens imprint for automotive lighting
  • Plasmatreat | Plasma pretreatment in headlamp applications
  • Fraunhofer IOF | Generation of irregular polymer-on-glass microlens arrays for automotive illumination                 
  • DELO | Possibilities of functional polymers: high-precision adhesives for car headlights & microlenses for lighting

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Keynote: Automotive innovation and the role of light

09.30 am (CET) | Welcome and introduction with Rainer Dörfler and Constantin Mons, DELO

The automotive industry is currently experiencing a major change towards new technologies such as electric drives or self-driving cars. Lighting is a key factor in this process – not only for illumination but also for applications such as sensor technology or comfort. DELO develops specific adhesive solutions for the manufacturing of optical components – and uses light as the preferred curing method. Become inspired by the presentation "Automotive innovation and the role of light".




Generation of irregular polymer-on-glass microlens arrays for automotive illumination

09.45 am (CET) | Speaker: Dr. Peter Dannberg and Dr. Peter Schreiber, Fraunhofer IOF

Micro-optical irregular fly´s eye condensers enable maskless, etendue-conserving beam shaping for arbitrary farfield distributions; a prominent application being automotive headlamps. Design, material considerations, mastering, wafer level fabrication, physical and optical properties of prototypes will be discussed and offers you new prospects.





Microlens imprint for automotive lighting

10.20 am (CET) | Speaker: Dr. Patrick Heißler, Süss MicroOptics

The face of the car is an expression of brand and a differentiating design element. Front lighting plays limiting and at the same time enabling role in this design. With their small volume, narrow openings and freedom in placement, optical packages based on microlens array (MLA) technology open up a new design space.

In our presentation, we will cover manufacturing tools, optical design and process technologies for high-volume manufacturing of automotive grade MLA optics.



Functional polymers for microlens arrays in automotive headlamps

10.55 am (CET) | Speaker: Oliver Matyssek, DELO

In this lecture we will talk about questions like: What materials are used for microlens arrays? How can their mechanical and optical properties be optimized for automotive applications? And what does the manufacturing process look like? Learn more about the benefits of industrial adhesives in the next generation of microlens arrays in automotive headlamps.





Lunch break

11.30 am (CET)
Networking & lunch break


Plasma pretreatment in headlamp applications

1.30 pm (CET) | Speaker: Norman Haas, Plasmatreat and Dr. Ralf Hose, DELO

In this presentation, we will show you how to improve reliable bondings with typical materials in headlamp applications. Mr. Haas, expert from Plasmatreat, will explain the technology of plasma pretreatment and its quality control while DELO demonstrates how to perfect the results with high-tech adhesives.



A glance at the practice: application of adhesives for precisely aligned light sources

2.15 pm (CET) | Speaker: Alice Trautmann, Marelli Automotive Lighting

High-resolution lighting systems for automotive lighting request high-precision fixation methods that allow low tolerances without any mechanical stress. Clipping or screwing cannot meet this requirement, but adhesives do. The processing of UV adhesives enables short cycle times for the fixation of optical elements while achieving great repeatability. However, varying substrate materials and harsh ambient conditions, like exterior lighting and sensing, require a careful adhesive selection. We’ll tell you from the user’s point of view what you should pay attention to.


Adhesives developments for automotive headlamps

3.00 pm (CET) | Speaker: Dr. Michael Greisel, DELO

Automotive lighting engineers face two major challenges: The continuously shrinking construction space and the need for precise alignment for high-definition front lighting in accordance with regulations like UN R123. New functional polymers enable them to overcome these challenges. The materials fulfill the aim for high UPH by fast light fixation or curing. They also meet the requirements with respect to automotive reliability testing and increased yellowing stability at higher temperatures. These polymers, that make a significant contribution to next-generation lighting systems, will be presented in the talk.

Closing words and feedback

about 3.30 pm (CET) | Speaker: Constantin Mons, DELO

Conclusion and further opportunities for a confidential exchange with the experts

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