Full Production and Shipment Capabilities Despite Global Covid-19 Outbreak

DELO has taken numerous measures to ensure that we remain a reliable partner for you even in times of the global coronavirus pandemic.

The worldwide outbreak of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV 2) has not yet had any impact on our production. Our headquarters and all our subsidiaries are  operational and continue to produce and ship goods. 

This also applies with regard to the restrictions that are into force in Germany since December 16. Please note that this is not a strict curfew as in other regions. Among other things, the regulations emphasize that people can buy food, go for walks and come to work.

The following restrictions currently apply: 

  • Our subsidiary in Singapore is subject to government restrictions until further notice. All of our activities such as order processing or technical advice are not subject to any significant restriction and therefore operate normally.
  • Due to governmental restrictions and reduced global airfreight capacity, delivery delays may occur in certain regions, especially with short-term orders. We will do everything possible to get your orders to you as quickly and reliably as usual. 
Our measures:

To ensure that we remain functional and able to deliver, our risk management and coronavirus task force continually review all relevant processes. In this context, numerous "business continuity" measures were taken. It includes:

General: corporate pandemic plan, comprising 4 risk levels and 100+ corresponding measures

Inventory: All purchase items and their stock levels are continuously checked in order to increase them even further if necessary.

Suppliers: We are in active communication with our suppliers in order to be always up to date and to be able to react quickly if necessary. We currently do not see any effects on our raw material supply.

Production: In order to protect our employees and at the same time to be able to process orders as well as continue producing and delivering our products, the currently applicable rules include:

  • Increased cleaning and disinfection cycles, hygiene campaigns, mask obligation, and thorough social distancing policy (instruction to all employees to keep a distance of at least 1.50 meters between themselves at work and during breaks), were implemented.
  • All business trips were suspended except for important exceptions.
  • Visits have been extremely reduced and are now practically non-existent. For the few appointments that take place, increased safety precautions are applicable (visitor questionnaire, obligation to wear masks, distance rules).
  • Meetings are largely held via digital communication tools.
  • Comprehensive antigen rapid tests for entering production and warehouse and shipping areas during periods of increased risk (e.g., after Christmas and New Year's holidays).

Logistics: In addition to measures securing airfreight capacity in times of a reduced number of flights, the distribution of frozen Covid-19 vaccines may have a further impact on global airfreight capacities. We are in close contact with our forwarding agents, making sure that we will get our shipments to you on time. Measures include early order submission and reserved capacities due to regular usage of certain lanes.

We will continue to monitor the situation very closely and take all necessary measures to protect our employees and at the same time be available to you as a reliable partner.

(Status: 01/07/2021)