A new generation of micro dispensing valves

DELO-DOT PN3 micro dispensing valve has one major advantage over other valves: contact-less dispensing. Our system for micro dispensing, therefore, prevents a collision of jet dispensing valve and component successfully. While in operation, there is also no need for movement along the z-axis.

Depending on the adhesive, a DELO-DOT PN3 micro dispensing valve can supply up to 330 glue drops per second!

Especially when it comes to precision at high speed, these jet valves are cutting-edge. Therefore, as a user you save time and costs all along the production process.

Furthermore, you also benefit from flexible application possibilities and ease of maintenance: Thanks to its compact design, low weight and rotatable media/fluid supply, DELO-DOT PN3 can be perfectly integrated into a variety of production settings. After use, the jet valve can be completely disassembled – a major advantage for cleaning!


  • Modular design
    easy to disassemble and easy to clean
  • Optimal integration
    Rotatable media supply, compact design, low weight
  • Robust actuator

Technical data

Dispensing frequency (max.) 330 Hz (drops per second)
Viscosity of medium liquid to 500,000 mPas
Dispensing volumes (typ.) 2 - 5,000 nl
Nozzles Flat nozzle: 0.05 mm / 0.1 mm / 0.2 mm / 0.3 mm / 0.4 mm
Needle nozzle with luer-lock adapter (0.1 mm / 0.4 mm)
Nozzle heating range up to +100 °C
Actuator lifetime (typ.) > 1 billion cycles
Dimensions 20.5 mm x 153 mm x 62 mm
Weight 349 g
Features Media supply positionable in steps of 90°
Modular design
5-stage stroke adjustment with visual indication
dispensing valve DELO DOT PN3

Easy handling

The stroke of the piston can be set to five locking positions by a turning knob. The position is indicated by LEDs. This facilitates control, particularly after integration into a production system.

Positionable media supply

Thanks to the very slim dimensions, it is possible to integrate DELO-DOT PN3 into nearly every production system. The media supply can be installed in four alternative positions, allowing adaptation to individual installation conditions in production plants.

Bubble-free dispensing

The turnkey solution consisting of DELO-DOT PN3 and DELO FLEXCAP creates the basis for reliable and successful production processes.

DELO FLEXCAP uses a flexible, hermetically tight foil instead of a conventional cartridge piston. This prevents air from penetrating the adhesive volume past the piston and forming bubbles in the adhesive. This enables extremely high dispensing precision and maximum emptying.


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Pneumatic Microdispensing Valve
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