Micro-dispensing Valve from DELO Offers Increased Jet Performance and Handling


DELO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives for automotive, consumer and industrial electronics applications, now offers a pneumatic micro-dispensing valve that features excellent performance and handling. Designed for media that is difficult to dispense, the DELO-DOT PN3 valve features increased jet performance, allowing adhesives to be dispensed in significantly smaller quantities.

By using DELO-DOT PN3, the minimum dispensing amount is reduced on average by a factor three over DELO’s previous pneumatic valve the DELO-DOT PN2. Some products, like unfilled acrylates, can be jetted permanently in amounts as low as 0.009 mg, creating a better yield. This versatile valve has a maximum dispensing volume of nearly 14 mg, allowing it to work with a wide range of applications.

The DELO-DOT PN3 features an optimized fluid system geometry along with two different piston types, one for dispensing miniscule amounts and one for small to medium drop sizes. Both configurations provide an operating frequency of up to 330 drops per second, a 10 percent increase.

The new, compact jet valve is simple to handle and is easily integrated into production lines with high output rates. A rotary wheel is used to set the stroke of the piston by selecting one of five different locking positions, ensuring high reproducibility, without the use of any additional tools. LED lights illuminate the respective position making it easier to check the stroke.

This plug and play system’s newly developed nozzle heater has no open electric contacts and is screwed onto the valve.

The heating system is constructed as a separate module, as is the rest of the valve. The heating, together with the other modular parts, ensures easier disassembly for cleaning and service; the separation of the fluid system together with the robust pneumatic actuator ensures a long lifetime of up to 1 billion cycles.

Technical Specifications

  • Dispenses volumes from 0.009 mg to 14 mg
  • Optimized fluid system geometry
  • Operating frequency of up to 330 drops per second
  • Plug and play

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