Hybrid chemistry: fixing two-component epoxy resins within seconds under UV light

Fixing tow-component epoxy resins under UV light

For many high-volume applications, two-component epoxy resins have been considered too slow – not any more. Thanks to a newly developed light fixation process, users now benefit from faster and less complex production processes.

This novel hybrid chemistry provides unprecedented speed for a two-component epoxy resin. It secures the components against slipping in just a couple of seconds, so that processing of the entire assembly can go ahead immediately. After an irradiation time of only 5 seconds at an intensity of 1000 mW/cm², fixing strength of 1 N/mm² is achieved.

   Fixation under UV light within seconds

   Neither space nor equipment, energy, or time are required for heat curing

   Reliable final curing at room temperature without intermediate storage

   Production processes are shortened from one hour to just a few seconds

Light fixation revolutionizes two-component epoxy resin adhesives

After fixation, reliable final curing including shadowed areas takes place at room temperature, as is the case with regular two-component products. The high fixing strength makes intermediate storage normally superfluous.

An oven can be used to accelerate final curing, but is unnecessary in most cases. Particular benefits: savings in investment and energy costs for heat curing, reduced production floor space requirements, and radically shortened cycle and throughput times.

Since dispensing, joining, and light fixation take less than a minute, the next production step can begin much faster than after the usual 15 to 240 minutes (depending on whether adhesives cure under heat or at room temperature).

"This new development is nothing short of a revolution. It combines the benefits of light curing with the strengths of two-component products. In the future, all users will need is a mixing system and lamps. Ovens, energy, and space on the shop floor can be saved, not to mention a huge amount of time."

Dr. Karl Bitzer, Managing Director DELO

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