Liquid Additive Manufacturing

Industrial 3D Printing: Functional Materials for Liquid Additive Manufacturing

DELO creates new opportunities for liquid additive manufacturing by providing functional liquid materials that are optimized for industrial 3D printing. The materials fulfil various functions such as transparency or flexibility and can be combined in one printing process. Another advantage: the printed components exhibit isotropic strength in all printing directions.

The liquid materials can be dispensed layer by layer at room temperature. After curing with UV light the materials are cross-linked duromers. Liquid Additive Manufacturing thus offers an alternative to 3D printing processes such as Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), Stereolithography (SLA) or Material Jetting.

The components properties are comparable to those of high-performance plastics, like polyamide or PEEK. Therefore, they are well suited for automotive and microelectronic applications – especially for fine and functional structures.

Special properties of the 3D printing materials


Highest reliability of bond and process

  • Perfect suited for small features and complex geometries (3D)
  • Easy process automation and low energy costs
  • Simple dispensing and curing process
  • Immediate fixation strenght



Immediate fixation strength

  • Similar strength in all printing directions
  • No strength drop between laminar structures due to chemical crosslinking


Automated process

  • Thin walls (< 500 µm with smooth surface)
  • Undercuts possible by using water-soluble support materials


Cost efficient

  • Low energy costs
  • Faster manufacutring by automation
  • Avoidance of waste through precise dispensing

"Our materials provide users with a construction kit to produce functional components by 3D printing. Based on our broad product portfolio we can make tailor-made liquid materials available, including flexibility, transparency or conductivity."

Dr. Karl Bitzer, Managing Director at DELO

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