Innovative industrial adhesives for all joining applications


November 16, 2023 | 9:00 a.m. CET

ADAS Manufacturing
Virtual Conference 2023

Discuss the future of ADAS technology with experts from Bosch, Aview, Innoviz, Forvia/Hella und DELO


New DELO White paper

Wafer-level micro-optics fabrication by lens molding using UV-curable polymers


Dual-curing adhesive for electric motors

First heat-resistant structural adhesive with light fixation

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Seminar: Basics of bonding technology

Theoretical knowledge with practical implementation at DELO


Adhesives for loudspeaker manufacturing

Improved acoustics and high technical requirements with DELO adhesives


Adhesives for sensors in vehicle interiors

High-tech adhesive solutions for automotive sensor systems


Adhesives for diabetes care

UV- and light-curing adhesive solutions for medical wearables

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Our newsletters for engineers

Insights and valuable tips on adhesive bonding technology

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TECH TALKs in fall 2023

A digital knowledge package on high-tech adhesives, dispensing technology and curing systems for engineers


Adhesives for photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs)

Active alignment capable adhesives for low coupling loss


DELOLUX 50 spot lamp

UV curing lamp for quick and precise curing of adhesive dots in the spot

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Hybrid chemistry

Fixing two-component epoxy resins under UV light


Adhesives for automated mobility

Adhesives make a small but nevertheless important contribution to the driving of tomorrow


Events and conferences 2023

New products, fascinating lectures
and trends in bonding technology

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Bonding drives forward
trendsetting technologies


TWO IN ONE: Activation on the flow

Dispensing and curing in one step offers new, energy- and cost-efficient process possibilities for electronic manufacturing

Information on the availability of gas and electricity supply

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, our risk management team has been continuously monitoring possible impacts on our supply chains. This relates in particular to impending gas shortages and potential blackouts in Germany.

Here is what we can tell you:

● DELO does not use natural gas either materially or energetically for its production processes. The energy we use comes from other energy sources. We ourselves are not directly affected by any natural gas shortage.

● In the wake of the Covid pandemic, we had already increased our inventory of raw materials and have continued to expand it as a preventive measure. Thanks to these increased inventories, we will be able to bridge the gap in our production for a longer period of time if suppliers of ours are affected by a natural gas shortage.

● To reduce the impact of a possible regional or national blackout, we have several emergency power generators that can be used to maintain power to critical areas such as our warehouse in the event of an emergency. DELO is also supplied by two independent substations, so that if one regional substation fails, the second line to DELO is very likely to be released.

Through extensive preventive measures, we ensure in the best possible way that we can continue to supply you reliably even in difficult times.

Feel free to contact your sales engineer at any time if questions arise.


(As of: 20.12.2022)


Excellent bonding results – thanks to DELO's state-of-the-art adhesives. DELO's adhesives are used wherever reliable, durable, and fast connections are required.


The type of adhesive, the application; and the target level of automation – these factors are decisive for the selection of suitable dispensing equipment, such as dispensing guns, valves, and pressure tanks.


Speed is often the focus when it comes to using adhesives and multifunctional materials. UV curing lamps enable fast curing and are therefore often indispensable in the production process.


Our webinars and training courses give you an insight into the world of bonding, with our experts providing you with useful, application-related tips for your projects.

Attention: Plagiarism of DELO adhesives and equipment

DELO is a family-owned company with 60 years of experience in high-tech adhesives. When using DELO adhesives, it is essential to ensure that they are original. Particularly, product imitations have emerged sporadically.

Using counterfeit products can lead to substantial damage as a consequence of deviations from the properties required. DELO does not accept liability for such imitations.

You can purchase DELO products directly from DELO or authorized partners only. Unlisted traders do not sell original DELO products.

If no partner is listed for your country, or if you have any questions on originality and quality of DELO products, please feel free to contact us!


Authorized DELO partners in Asia

China, Hong Kong

Electronic Scientific Engineering Ltd.


IR Corporation PTE Ltd.

South Korea

Gana Co. Ltd.


APPEX Corporation


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Product samples

On request, we will gladly provide you with samples of our adhesives and functional materials.

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DELO has taken its high-performance materials for 3D printing to the next level, thus unlocking new possibilities in liquid additive manufacturing.


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56th International Symposium on Microelectronics
02.10.2023 - 05.10.2023
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NNT 2023 - International Conference on Nanoimprint and Nanoprint Technologies
09.10.2023 - 11.10.2023
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The future of electronics RESHAPED
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Building up knowledge in the field of bonding technology


All news at a glance

Dual-curing high-temperature adhesive for electric motors

Production of electric vehicles has increased at an exponential rate. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that EVs made up a whopping 10 percent of global new car sales—a new record—and that figure will only continue to rise in the coming years. As such, the need for not only a durable ...more

High-tech Adhesives for Thin-film Solar Cells

DELO Light-curing adhesives based on epoxy resins or acrylates are particularly well-suited for bonding protective films on thin-film solar cells while simultaneously forming an effective barrier against humidity. ...more

Innovative process technology: Activation on the flow

With activation on the flow, DELO has developed an process technology combining adhesive dispensing and preactivation in a single process step. This provides users with new options for designing their products and processes while reducing costs and CO₂ emissions. The technology is particularly ...more

DELO UV adhesives improve the integration of holographic films in augmented reality HUDs

DELO PHOTOBOND UV-curing acrylates for optoelectronics enable fast and true-color bonding of holographic foils manufactured by Covestro, one of the leading suppliers of foils for holographic applications. The automotive industry, as well as many others, will benefit from rapid roll-to-roll ...more

The hidden champion from Bavaria

We are a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives headquartered in Windach near Munich, Bavaria. As an owner-managed business, for 60 years we have been supplying our special customized adhesives and equipment systems for applications in high-tech industries such as automotive, aviation, optoelectronics, and electronics. With subsidiaries in the USA, China, Singapore and Japan as well as representatives throughout the world, we make sure that our customers receive expert advice wherever they are.



Our adhesive solutions bring strength to the innovative power of our customers. We identify current requirements and develop matching products. 15 percent of our sales we invest in research and development.
We develop adhesive solutions in three areas of expertise: special high-quality adhesives, innovative devices, and full customer support. Our focus is on high-performance products for fast manufacturing processes.
Continuous change is our day-to-day business. A willingness to shape these changes is important. This is why we actively develop our product portfolio and align our company structure to new markets and requirements.
We continuously achieve sales growth and create secure jobs. We are systematically pursuing internationalization. Even in the future we will remain an independent family business. Profitable growth is the basis for our long-term success.
Our engineers and chemists give expert advice on issues surrounding adhesives technology. We achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with the impressive quality of our products and by working fairly and in a spirit of trust with our partners.
We are an international team of dedicated and highly trained employees. We invest about six percent of staffing costs in education and training. Customers trust us because of our technical expertise and integrity.



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If you have other skills and are looking for a new challenge that fits our team, we will be pleased to receive your unsolicited application or resume.

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