Pressure-sensitive adhesives

Better Than Tapes: Liquid Pressure-sensitive Adhesives

DELO created new opportunities for your manufacturing process by providing liquid pressure-sensitive adhesives that are optimized for industrial applications. The high-performance materials combine the beneficial properties of industrial tapes with the easy and automatable processability of liquid adhesives. By offering an immediate bond strength after joining the components with pressure, this new class of adhesives enables rapid processes in almost any application.


Liquid pressure-sensitive adhesives have significant advantages over tapes, especially when it comes to small features, corners or complex three-dimensional geometries, where a tape is hard to apply. They are dispensed onto the component in virtually any geometry in a variety of ways - fully automated. After dispensing, the liquid adhesive is cured with UV light and the surface is instantly sticky - just like a classic tape. Adhesives with tape-like properties are therefore now implementable for almost any application and offer completely new manufacturing process possibilities.

Automated Processes

  • Automated and precise dispensing
    (e.g. needle dispensing, stencil printing, jetting ...)
  • Irradiation at specified wavelength transfers liquid adhesives to tape phase

Immediate Fixation Strength

  • Tape-like surface after irradiation
  • Adhesion build-up by slight pressure application
  • No clamping necessary
  • Bonding of opaque parts
  • Enables high UPH

Bonding of Complex and Small Structures

  • Complete freedom of design
  • 3D bonding surface
  • Complex patterns
  • Bonding of small features with sub-mm width

Cost Efficient Manufacturing

  • No heat curing necessary
  • Low energy costs
  • Reduced waste compared to tape solution (cut, liner, ...)

"With DELO liquid PSA, industrial manufacturing now has one more great process opportunity to rapidly bond parts together just like with a tape – but without the limitations in handling, automation and size!"

Dr. Karl Bitzer, Managing Director at DELO

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