DELO-DUOPOX – 2-part epoxy glue range with outstanding strength

DELO offers a range of 2-component adhesives made from epoxy resin: This is a variety of glues that includes super-quick curing 2-part epoxy glues, long-lasting structural adhesives as well as flexible, tension-equalizing bonding materials. They also hold up well to thermal loads. Within DELO's portfolio, you will find a suitable two part epoxy glue for any and all requirements and demands.

DELO-DUOPOX 2-part epoxy adhesives cure at room temperature after resin and hardener are mixed. Generally, DELO-DUOPOX 2c adhesives are characterized by universal adhesion, high resistance to chemicals and outstanding mechanical properties. This is why they are applied in a wide variety of settings demanding industrial-strength solutions.


Room Temperature Curing
  • Curing at room temperature, option to speed up curing by adding heat
  • Optional single-component application
  • Multi-purpose 2-part epoxy glues
  • Robust
  • Temperature range up to +140 °C
  • High degree of resistance to many chemicals and heat

Application examples


Bonding of banister elements

Banister construction requires a variety of different cuts. At the same time, welding is often not an option. Using DELO-DUOPOX AD895 offers a time-saving, age-resistant alternative! Structural adhesives save time in assembly and add additional strength when bridging a sizeable bonding gap.

Aluminum hinges

Bonding of telescope profile with DELO-DUOPOX

Cold-curing, 2-part epoxy glues like DELO-DUOPOX adhesives are used to bond aluminum hinges by manufacturers. By adhesion to easily produced L-shaped default profiles, pipes with different diameters can be produced in the desired quantities. 2-component products are processed out  and enable production at manual work station. When applying DELO's state-of-the-art 2-part epoxy adhesives, the resulting bonded joints show a high degree of toughness and high resistance to chemicals!

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Two-component, light-fixable epoxy resin adhesives and encapsulants
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