Light-curing adhesives make gluing joints invisible

Light-curing adhesives are single-component, reactive resins that will cure at room temperature when exposed to UV light and/or visible light. Light-curing acrylates are used for adhesion where at least one component consists of translucent material. Here, DELO PHOTOBOND adhesives show a wide range of elasticity, from very flexible over tension-equalizing to tough - for a variety of needs when creating lasting bonds. In production, curing within seconds supports short cycle times - great for challenging efficiency goals!

In addition, DELO offers LED curing lamps that have been especially developed. Combined with our light-curing adhesives, they enable fast curing and reliable processing at the same time.


UV Curing
  • Single-component light-curing adhesive
  • Curing with visible or UV light
  • Bonding of different materials such as glass, ceramics, metalls, and plastics
  • Suitable for bondings with high requirements to the finished product's aesthetics
  • Wide range of elasticity

Application examples

High-end shower units

Bonding of glass shower

To avoid drilling holes or chunky clamping fixtures, high-end shower units work with DELO PHOTOBOND. This enables an immediate bond between the door hinges and the glass plate – for a smooth design!

Consumer Electronics

Adhesives for Smartphone - DELO-DUALBOND

Light-curing adhesives support super-quick adhesion of different cell phone components, for bonds between camera housing and bottom shell, glass/plastic plates and upper shell and between different loudspeaker components.

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UV-curing and light-curing acrylates
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