Dual cure: DELO DUALBOND completes curing in a matter of seconds

In some settings and applications, it is impossible to cure just with light – so we rely on dual cure. Especially when it comes to components with larger shadow zones, dual curing offers significant advantages: It combines the option of light curing with reliable results in shadowed areas by offering another curing mechanism: heat or humidity, for example! For great results, pick a DELO dual cure adhesive!

Application areas


  • Good resistance to thermal shock
  • Fast light curing and reliable curing in shadowed areas
  • Universal adhesion to many substrates
  • Optimum flow behavior for sealing and casting
  • Range from flexible to hard
  • Transparent dual cure adhesives available for large bonding areas

Application examples

DELO DUALBOND dual cure adhesives are used for bonding touch panel elements in cell phones. Here, glass covers and plastic substrates with black print are used widely: They are non-translucent and sensitive to temperature, so the adhesive's curing process has to happen at room temperature.

When potting pins, connectors and microswitches, there are cavities. Through these, uncured adhesives may enter components – which can cause corrosion on electrical contacts. Combining light and humidity for a dual curing process prevents corrosion – increasing the lifespan of materials!

Displays often need adhesives that can be cured under opaque black print, within the respective housing elements. With DELO DUALBOND dual cure, this is possible thanks to combined light-humidity curing!

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