1c electrically conductive adhesives with excellent mechanical and electrical properties

DELO carries a variety of one-component, high temperature adhesive options with varying chemistries. These meet many a customer's needs as there are anhydrides, aminic adhesives and mCD adhesives as well as heat-curing cationic glues and acrylates available. Due to their chemical composition, our one-component products are able to fulfil several important functions simultaneously, thus saving space and weight.

DELO MONOPOX, one of our electrically conductive adhesives, combines excellent conductivity with strong bonding properties – whilst being resistant to chemicals and high heat. That's why our conductive glue and potting compound range is also ideal for applications in the automotive and the (micro)electronics industries!


Heat Curing
  • One-component and heat-curing conductive glue
  • Excellent mechanical and electrical behavior
  • High resistance to chemicals and heat
  • Efficient production processes with electrically conductive adhesives
  • Optimal flow behavior, especially when it comes to 'Dam & Fill'

Application examples

Smart Label

Flip Chip bonding with DELOMONOPOX

One-component DELO MONOPOX adhesives are used in the smart label area when it comes to flip-chip bonding.


Semiconductor packaging

Anhydrides are used as 'Dam & Fill' systems: DELO electrically conductive adhesives function as potting compounds in chip-on-board (COB) encapsulation.

Bonding magnets places special requirements on high-temperature adhesives such as DELO MONOPOX HT 2999. High strengths of 20 MPa at +180 °C and fast curing are advantageous in this use case.

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