Dispensing processes

Adhesive dispensing – Overview of methods

Adhesive, application and desired degree of automation – these crucial factors must be considered when selecting suitable dispensing equipment, such as pressure-time dispensing, volumetric dispensing, jetting, screen or stencil printing. Each process has different strengths to offer in terms of cost efficiency, speed and precision.

Pressure-time dispensing of adhesives – easy and cost-efficient

Pressure-time dispensing is likely the most common type of dispensing in industrial processes. The adhesive is dispensed immediately from the container by means of air pressure. Control units like DELOMAT are used to exactly control the two parameters "(air) pressure" and "dispensing (time)". The dispensing result can be optimized by selecting a suitable dispensing needle. One of the strengths of pressure-time dispensing is that the media-carrying components (container, hose, dispensing needle) can be replaced quickly and cost-efficiently, and the process requires almost no cleaning. If larger containers are used, a pinch valve or diaphragm valve can be used.

  • Cost-efficient dispensing process
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Fully automated or manual operation possible

Adhesive jetting – contactless and fast dispensing

Jet valves enable the contactless dispensing of adhesives, potting compounds, encapsulants and sealants onto components. This shortens cycle times since valve movement along the Z-axis is eliminated. Another advantage is that the risk of conventional dispensing needles colliding with components is prevented. The dispensing speed is also impressive: At up to 330 adhesive drops per second, jetting is the fastest adhesive dispensing technology. DELO offers both pneumatic and piezo jetters for various applications.

  • Contactless adhesive application
  • Fastest dispensing process for single application
  • Smallest volumes as little as 2 nl possible

Volumetric dispensing – ultra-precise

Volumetric dispensing valves offer strong credentials where particular precision and reproducibility are demanded. The volumetric dispensing of the adhesive is ensured by media-carrying dispensing screws or spindles. Temperature or viscosity differences in the medium therefore have no effect on the dispensing volume.

  • Maximum reproducibility
  • Precise volume adjustment

Stencil and screen printing – simultaneous dispensing on thousands of components

Screen or stencil printing is suitable for components that have a smooth surface without height differences. The adhesive is applied to the component through the openings in the screen or the geometry of the stencil, which enables the creation of the finest large-area structures. The process is ideal for dispensing at wafer level, for example. The special printable DELO adhesives are thus dispensed onto thousands of components simultaneously.

  • Specially suited for the production of microelectronics
  • Finest structures possible

Manual adhesive application – dispensing guns for small volumes

DELO dispensing guns for 50 ml and 200 ml side-by-side cartridges are particularly suited for manual or pneumatic processing. Equipped with static mixing tubes, they enable easy, reliable one-component processing of 2C adhesives. The user controls the dispensing volume and speed. DELOMAT series control units, which can also be operated semi-automatically, are ideal for achieving repeatable results and for ramp-ups.

  • Manual dispensing of adhesives
  • Easy handling
  • Easy cleaning

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