Adhesives for optoelectronics

Optical materials and adhesives play a key role in the development and production of wafer-level optics for cameras, sensors and LEDs. They are not only used to secure and protect optoelectronic and optical elements. DELO's optical materials are also used to produce micro lenses and diffractive optical elements (DOE) which are used in the flash module of smartphone cameras or as micro lens arrays in projection systems such as vehicle digital lights.

In addition to toughness, optical materials and optical adhesives must also display thermal UV stability, low outgassing and low shrinkage. DELO offers an extensive range of specially adapted adhesives for these requirements.

DELO adhesives for LED packaging

Thanks to their universality, LEDs are used in a wide range of applications. They offer manufacturers great design freedom and enable new types of lighting concepts –  in consumer electronics, the automotive industry and sensor technology.

Functional adhesives play a key role in the manufacture of LED packages. They ensure brilliant, homogeneous diode illumination and fast production. DELO has developed a host of suitable products for both first- and second-level packaging. In first-level packaging, the adhesives are applied in the immediate vicinity of the LED semiconductor. In second-level packaging, the adhesives are used to join lenses, cover disks or housings that are used around the LED module.

DELO's adhesive portfolio for optoelectronics includes transparent and low-outgassing, tension-equalizing and electrically conductive adhesives, and die attach to structural bonding. Optical coatings with customized properties regarding transmission, reflection and absorption, as well as encapsulants to protect sensor packages, are also offered by DELO. Users can choose from products with different curing mechanisms depending on the relevant component geometry or substrate combination.

All DELO functional adhesives and sealants in its DELO PHOTOBOND, DELO DUALBOND and DELO KATIOBOND series are particularly suitable for highly automated high-speed processes with high outputs.


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