The most asked questions from applicants

Is the job still available?

All the jobs posted on our website are up to date. So you are welcome to apply for them. If you can’t find a job offer that matches your profile, you can submit an unsolicited application.


What are the working hours?

At DELO a full-time job amounts to 38.75 hours a week. We use a flexible work time model, with a core period of 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. On Fridays, employees are free to enjoy their weekend as of 1:00 pm. Different working hours apply to certain areas of the company. Our production employees, for instance, work in two shifts. However, also in this case, we ensure that our employees can achieve the best possible work-life balance.


Do you have shift work? In which departments is there shift work? Which shift model do you have?

At DELO a classic shift work with early and late shifts (until max. 10:00 pm) is only common in production. The introduction of a night shift is not planned and Saturday work (early shift only) is an exception. In addition, our colleagues in maintenance work in a production-supporting shift, whereby the late shift ends here already at 7:00 pm.


Can I still apply for a job if I only want to work part-time?

Our job offers are mainly full-time jobs. We mainly fill part-time vacancies in-house. If we do post a part-time vacancy this will be indicated in the job description.


Can I still apply for a job if I have no experience of adhesives so far?

Of course you can. Adhesives are a very special topic and many new colleagues have little or no experience of them. For this reason all new colleagues are given intensive training when they join the company. The duration of training depends on the subsequent area of employment and can take up to 3 months. Our DELO Academy organizes and holds the theoretical and practical courses.


How are new employees introduced and trained at DELO?

On their first two days at DELO, along with all other new colleagues, they are given an introduction to the company. Different departments present themselves and you gain a very good insight into the activities of the individual divisions in a tour of the company.

Depending on their subsequent work area, colleagues not destined for technical jobs take part in a course lasting several days (theory and practice) in order to familiarize themselves with our products and the principles of bonding technology.  

If your new job is technical, your full-time course when you join the company will last up to three months, during which you will receive in-depth training.  

After the course you will be trained in the department where you are to work. In addition, all newcomers are assigned a mentor from another department to support them. They will be on hand to help while your training phase and to answer any questions.


Do you offer integrated degree programs?

DELO offers a number of integrated degree programs with different focuses. They always start on September 01. You can find more information here: Integrated Degree Program.


Do you offer holiday jobs?

We often need holiday workers. Take a look at our current job offers to check for vacancies. You are also welcome to send us an unsolicited application. Along with your full application, please also specify the period of time in which you would like to work for DELO.


What salary will I earn?

We discuss the subject of salary in the first interview. How much you will earn naturally depends on your qualifications and professional experience.

What is the best way to apply for a job?

We would appreciate it if you used our online form to apply for a job. To do so, simply click "Apply now" at the relevant job. You can then enter your personal, training and job details and upload all your documents. Should you be unable to use the form, we will be pleased to receive your application by e-mail or post. 


What documents should be included to complete your application?

Cover letter (around one page), curriculum vitae (around two pages), education and training certificates and job references.


To whom should I address my cover letter?

Please address your cover letter to Alisia Schischma.


Can I talk to someone in the department I´d like to work in?

We regret that we cannot offer you the opportunity to make calls to our departments in advance. If you are invited to a job interview you will, of course, be introduced to someone from your future department. You are welcome to take the opportunity to converse with this person from the department and to ask and receive answers to your questions.


How important are marks for an application to DELO?

Of course, the qualifications we desire include a (very) good degree. However, this does not mean that you cannot apply to us with an average degree, quite the contrary. You are welcome to apply when you find a job that suits you. Overall impressions matter more to us than marks. It is important to us that you can identify with our work culture and fit into the DELO team. In our opinion, collaboration includes enthusiasm, commitment, collegiality, a humorous and respectful tone, and last but not least fun at work.


Can I apply for two jobs at the same time?

Yes, you are welcome to do that. List all the jobs in which you are interested in your cover letter. One application for all jobs will suffice.


Will my application automatically be reviewed for other jobs as well?

No, we don't automatically check whether you would be suitable for another job. To do so, we need your explicit consent. We ask for this in our online application form. If more than one job suits you, you can indicate this directly in your cover letter. In some cases, during the job interview other opportunities for an applicant are discovered.


Is my earlier application still in the system and will it still be taken into consideration when a suitable jobs arises?

If you have received a rejection from us, your application will remain in our system for another nine months, after which it will be deleted automatically. Should you have agreed to being included in our talent pool, we will keep your applications for a total of two years before deleting them.


What happens once I submit my application?

You will receive a confirmation of receipt within a few days. We will keep you up-to-date about the status of your application. Please also occasionally check your spam folder in your e-mail account as e-mails from unknown senders (application@DELO.de) sometimes end up there.

Apprentice graduation bonus

Apprentices who complete their apprenticeship with top marks receive a bonus from us as a reward for their outstanding performance.


Work clothes and cleaning

We provide protective clothing and ensure that it is cleaned.    


Company pension scheme

Employees can invest part of their salary in our pension scheme and thus save on tax and social security contributions.    


Company disability insurance

DELO offers a company disability insurance with group rates and subsidizes the employee's contribution.


Company doctor / influenza virus vaccination

If they wish, DELO employees can visit our company doctor and be vaccinated against influenza during working hours.


Company parties

Christmas parties, company outings or summer parties are all included in our annual events.


Business trips

If business trips begin at the weekend we show our appreciation of this gesture of good will by our employee in the form of a financial bonus.    


Travel allowance

We provide a travel allowance to subsidize our employees' travel costs.


Sports activities

Aside from a gym with modern training apparatus, we offer our employees company sports activities subsidized by us in the winter months. Discounts are also available for various gyms and sport facilities.  


Flexible work time model

We offer a 38.75 hour week and flexible work time model to let our employees achieve a satisfactory work-life balance. Special rules are necessary for some groups of employees, although in this case also, we ensure maximum flexibility for our employees.  


Leisure groups

The following leisure groups have established themselves within the company: DELO MONOPUCKS (ice hockey), DELO UNITED (football) and DELO MUSICPOX (orchestra)  


Birthday greetings

The management sends you a bouquet of flowers on your birthday.  


Drinks, fruit and vegetables

We offer our employees free coffee, tea and mineral water. Apples, pears and carrots are also available for free.  


Annual and special leave

We offer far more than just the statutory minimum leave because we attach importance to a healthy work-life balance.  


Bonuses for long service

Employees who have served the company for many years receive a bonus for their loyalty and are invited to a celebration of the occasion.  


Childcare in the holidays

We regularly check employees' childcare needs in the holidays, and on attainment of a minimum number of participants, organize an attractive program of activities. The company bears part of the costs incurred.  


Childcare fees

We offer all parents with children under school age the opportunity to receive a Christmas bonus paid voluntarily by DELO in the form of a tax- and social security-free kindergarten allowance.  


Employee discounts and special terms

Employees receive DELO adhesives on special terms and discounts from Moser, a butcher in Landsberg, for example.


Bonus for recommending DELO as an employer

If an employee's acquaintance applies for and is engaged by the company, the employee is given a financial bonus as a reward for their commitment.  


Contributions to capital formation

We support our employees with contributions to capital formation. This an employer contribution that is exempt from tax and social security contributions and which can paid directly into a building society account or life insurance policy.


Further training (vocational and avocational)

We promote the concept of lifelong learning. Our own Academy offers more than 150 training courses, organizes the 3-month training course for new employees and supports further training wishes.  


Lunch allowance

We subsidize daily lunches (soup, main course and salad) and can thus offer our employees meals at an attractive price.

Do you offer internships?

Both pupils and students are welcome to complete an internship with us. Please specify the period of time in which you would like to work for DELO and if possible, it is best if you apply to us at least two months before the date you'd like to start your internship.  

For pupils we offer so-called trial internships of three to five days that let you gain an insight into the jobs in our company.  

Internships for students are more intensive and generally last three to six months (or at least six weeks).


How long does an internship take?

A pupil internship lasts around three to five days. During this time we want you to gain a good insight into the work of the relevant department and experience our company culture.

Internships for students generally last three to six months. This duration is perfect to really settle down into the company and be able to take part in real projects. In exceptional cases, shorter internship periods are also possible.


When should I apply for an internship?

You can apply for an internship at any time – however it is best if you do so at least two months in advance. If you are interested in an internship at DELO, please use our online application form. You can use it to enter your personal and educational details and then upload your cover letter, curriculum vitae and school certificates. Should you be unable to use the form, we will be pleased to receive your application by e-mail or post.


Do you pay interns and people who do their thesis at DELO?

Yes, interns and people who do their thesis at DELO are remunerated. The amount of remuneration is in line with the going rate and may vary according to the nature of the job and its duration. Aside from remuneration, we also offer our interns a gym, free fruit and vegetables and lots more besides.

What is the accommodation market like in the area?

In the vicinity of DELO there are smaller towns like Landsberg am Lech and Kaufbeuren, cities like Augsburg and Munich and a lot of villages. To date, as far as we know, all our colleagues were soon able to find suitable accommodation.


How easy is it to get to DELO?

DELO is located directly on the A96 autobahn, exit Schöffelding, and is very easy to reach by car. You can also reach DELO by public transport, for example by taking the bus from Geltendorf train station.


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