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DELO Industrial Adhesives based in Windach, near Lake Ammersee, is internationally successful and specialist for high-tech adhesives and application technologies for industries from automotive and mechanical engineering to electronics, optoelectronics, RFID and photovoltaics.


The goal of the DELO Academy is to make people enthusiastic about adhesives and make the opportunities which bonding has to offer more tangible. Beside excursions, student projects and final papers for students, we also offer external presentations with our Academy lecturers.

Technical lectures by experts

Selection of lectures:

  • Basics of bonding technology and application examples
  • Light-curing adhesives
  • Basics of dispensing technology
  • Surface pretreatment
  • Adhesive-friendly design
  • Fast bonding processes
  • Quality assurance
  • Industrial applications

Our lecturers give interesting and exciting technical lectures on your premises or in our seminar rooms in Windach.
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