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Special adhesive for automotive lighting

DELO offers special adhesive for automotive lighting applications. DELO PHOTOBOND OB4189 is resistant to yellowing and, with its high aspect ratio, is particularly suitable for bonding microlens arrays, such as those found in headlights and projection systems. ...more

DELO adhesives prove exceptional heat resistance in electric motors

The outstanding performance of DELO adhesives for electric motors has been proven once again: Even after intensive 20,000 hours of demanding testing under extreme temperatures, they retain their high strength - to our knowledge, no one has ever attempted this before. ...more

Dual-curing high-temperature adhesive for electric motors

Production of electric vehicles has increased at an exponential rate. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that EVs made up a whopping 10 percent of global new car sales—a new record—and that figure will only continue to rise in the coming years. As such, the need for not only a durable ...more

High-tech Adhesives for Thin-film Solar Cells

DELO Light-curing adhesives based on epoxy resins or acrylates are particularly well-suited for bonding protective films on thin-film solar cells while simultaneously forming an effective barrier against humidity. ...more

Innovative process technology: Activation on the flow

With activation on the flow, DELO has developed an process technology combining adhesive dispensing and preactivation in a single process step. This provides users with new options for designing their products and processes while reducing costs and CO₂ emissions. The technology is particularly ...more

DELO UV adhesives improve the integration of holographic films in augmented reality HUDs

DELO PHOTOBOND UV-curing acrylates for optoelectronics enable fast and true-color bonding of holographic films manufactured by Covestro, one of the leading suppliers of films for holographic applications. The automotive industry, as well as many others, will benefit from rapid roll-to-roll ...more

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