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DELO's adhesive dispensing system – for precise adhesive distribution

Adhesive, application and desired degree of automation – these factors are decisive for the selection of suitable dispensing equipment, such as dispensing guns, valves and pressure tanks.

DELO’s adhesive dispensing equipment is precisely adapted to its high-tech adhesives and enables optimum production processes. You benefit from cost-effective adhesive processing that can be integrated into the process flexibly. Jet systems, in particular, must operate precisely and fast, and must be compact. Precision is necessary for the accurate and reproducible application of tiny adhesive quantities; speed enables fast processes, while a compact design allows integration into any production system.

Dispensing modi

Needle dispensing
Needle dispensing
Screen and stencil printing
Screen and stencil printing
Manual dispensing
Manual dispensing

Customized solutions

You were unable to find a suitable solution?

If so, please contact us. We will be pleased to develop a customized adhesive for you that meets your requirements – both with regard to its chemical properties and to your production processes. Together, we will find a solution for your bonding task.

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For the permanent and reliable connection of components and efficient manufacturing processes.

LED lamps

For fast and reliable curing of adhesives and multi-functional materials.

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