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As holder of the German industry's award for innovation, DELO has a high demand for outstandingly qualified and committed newcomers. We support tomorrow's professionals today through various funding programs to ensure that we will continue to produce the most innovative adhesives in the future.


Scholarship for technicians (f/m/d)

DELO awards scholarships to students at the Augsburg Technical College. As a scholarship holder we pay the fees for your second year of training (including examination fees) and subsidize the editing of your final project.

You can also complete your project at DELO and thus gain an insight into our company. By attending our adhesives training you can also extend your knowledge of bonding technology. In addition, you will be assigned one of our colleagues as a mentor. They will also have completed technical training and will help you with questions relating to training, your final project and working at DELO.

Thanks to our steady growth, scholarship holders have the possibility of working permanently at DELO on completing their technical training.


We look forward to receiving your application with:

  • Curriculum vitae in table format
  • Motivational letter (around one page)
  • School leaving certificate
  • Mid-term certificate from the technical college
    (average mark at least 2.2)
  • First annual report from the technical college
    (please submit on receipt in July)
  • Job and internship references
    (if available)
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
You can contact us on +49 8193 9900 - 9602


Closing date for written applications is April 30 of the respective year.

It is best to use our application form to apply.

Funding for agricultural engineering assistants (f/m/d)


If you are a student at Landsberg Agricultural College, you are eligible to apply for funding from us.

We provide support for up to 18 months and during your apprenticeship give you the opportunity to get to know DELO and your future colleagues through an internship.
Best case will be that you are so impressed by DELO before you even finish college that you will want to join us, put your expertise into practice and be an asset to our team.

If you are interested, simply apply directly via our online form.


Please include the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae in table format
  • Motivational letter (around one page)
  • School leaving certificate
  • Your last two training or apprenticeship reports
  • Confirmations of internship (if available)
If you have any questions about the funding program
please contact us on +49 8193 9900 - 9602

It is best to use our application form to apply.

Further funding opportunities

The DELO-HEROLD-Stiftung supports students of the TU Munich in the context of the Germany scholarship. The focus is on outstanding achievements, social commitment and personal circumstances such as overcoming obstacles in educational biographies. Details and funding opportunities are available directly from the DELO-HEROLD-Stiftung and on the website of the TU Munich.



Any questions?

Visit our FAQ page or contact us directly!


Germany  +49 8193 9900 - 9602

China +86 21 6882 - 8189

US +1 978 341 - 4602



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