Become a DELO supplier: Potential for successful partnerships

As a hidden champion and international global player, we at DELO are aware of the crucial role that reliable suppliers, innovative service providers and strong partnerships play in our success story. Our suppliers are not just subcontractors, but an integral part of our value chain. That is why we attach great importance to sustainable cooperation, the highest quality standards and fairness. On this basis, we continuously develop our international supplier relationships.

Our cooperation is based on clear principles and values. Our purchasing guideline sets the standards for quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness. As a sustainably oriented company, we strive to find suppliers who support our sustainability strategy and contribute to reducing our environmental impact. Our Supplier Code of Conduct obligates all parties involved to comply with ethical and social standards.

Supplier Categories

We are actively looking for suppliers in the following categories:

  • Chemical raw materials: suppliers of high-quality raw materials for our adhesives.
  • Electronics: Components and technologies in the field of electronics manufacturing.
  • Containers/Packaging: Innovative packaging solutions for our products.
  • Services: Professionals and services that support our business processes.
  • Machinery/Equipment: Precision machinery and equipment for manufacturing.
  • Factory equipment: Facilities and materials for our production sites.
  • Logistics: Efficient and reliable supply chain partners.
  • Other: Innovative solutions and services that enrich our business.

Would you like to become a DELO supplier?

If you have an interesting offer and are interested in a partnership with DELO, we invite you to become our supplier. Simply fill out the following inquiry form and we will explore the possibilities of a successful cooperation. At DELO, we focus on long-term partnerships and innovations to shape the future together. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to lay the foundations for a strong and sustainable collaboration.

As soon as we have received the completed inquiry form, we will immediately check whether you are a suitable supplier for us.

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