Automotive industry

Innovative adhesives in automotive electronics and lightweight design: DELO ensures optimum adhesion

Cars and adhesives go together! Once an industry predominated by welding, soldering and screwing, car making is now embracing completely new joining techniques: today, for example, 15 kg of adhesives go into a car.

The advantages are obvious: Adhesives adhere to a wide variety of materials; they offer high elasticity, and can withstand major temperature fluctuations. Bonding is therefore a popular joining method, particularly in automotive electronics, where sensitive components such as camera and pressure sensors as well as fine contact wires in drive and control systems require reliable, permanent bonding. DELO adhesives, potting compounds and encapsulants, whose properties have been tailored exactly to the requirements of automotive electronics, are excellently suited for these tasks.

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Bonding is an exacting joining technique. A sound understanding of the principles and special aspects of this technology is required in order to solve bonding challenges successfully. Join our DELO Academy "Online TECH TALKs" and gain valuable knowledge!

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