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The quality of your finished products hinges on the choice of the right adhesives and equipment. Besides an extensive range of products, DELO offers individual consulting and training, enabling you to select exactly the right product for your needs and benefit from your choice. This is why you need look no further than DELO, with its adhesive expertise and equipment know-how, when it comes to suitable adhesives, reliable dispensing and fast curing.




With its extensive range of high-tech adhesives, the product portfolio speaks for itself, and is distinguished by its function and reliability. Offering individual additional properties, the adhesives are particularly suitable for industrial production with short cycle times and for joining the smallest of components. They are therefore mainly used in industries such as microelectronics and the display smart card industry.



DELO equipment also impresses with 100 % reliability. In addition to curing lamps, the company offers dispensing equipment and valves. With their unique precision, speed and compact design, the dispensing equipment can be easily integrated into any production line.



The curing lamps – also "Made in Germany" – round off the portfolio with their energy efficiency and longevity. DELO is therefore your expert when it comes to achieving the best possible production results.


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