In 1997, Sabine and Dr. Wolf Herold took over DELO Industrial Adhesives in a management buy-out. At that time, Dr. Wolf Herold had been managing director of DELO for several years. Sabine Herold joined DELO in 1989 after graduating in chemical engineering. Before being promoted to management, she led the Engineering, Marketing and Sales departments. Since the beginning of 2017, Robert Saller has been strengthening the management.

DELO management Sabine Herold, Dr. Wolf Herold, Robert Saller
from the left:
Robert Saller, Sabine Herold, Dr. Wolf Herold

Responsibility for company functions

  • Dr.-Ing. Wolf Herold
    Research & Development, Finances, Administration, Production, Materials Logistics
  • Dipl.-Ing. Sabine Herold
    Engineering, Marketing, Human Resources
  • Dipl.-Ing. Robert Saller
    Sales, Product Management, Equipment Technology, IT

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Company data

Company foundation:



800 employees

Annual sales revenues:

EUR 163 million

Investment in R&D:

15 % of sales revenues

as of March 31, 2020


Leading by intelligent bonding technology
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Company data