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DELO®-FLEXCAP® now available as 10 ml version

The innovative DELO®-FLEXCAP® foil cartridge developed by DELO® is now also available as 10 ml container. It enables top dispensing reliability, the highest precision and maximum emptying. The level sensor integrated into the associated pressure tank monitors the dispensing process.

The unique DELO®-FLEXCAP® cartridge system allows fast and bubble-free dispensing of adhesives with viscosities ranging from low to high. A flexible, hermetically tight foil replaces the conventional cartridge piston. This prevents air from penetrating the adhesive volume past the piston.

DELO®-FLEXCAP® 10 ml – useful for demanding applications

A trend towards miniaturization of both the components to be bonded and the adhesive volumes dispensed is clearly recognizable. Production processes requiring the application of minute adhesive volumes are easy to implement when using DELO®-FLEXCAP® 10 ml. Manufacturers benefit from the increased dispensing reliability, especially when bonding safety-relevant components.

Special features of the DELO®-FLEXCAP® 10 ml foil cartridge also include the DELO®-XPRESS 921 NK pressure tank with integrated level sensor. Electronic sensors transmit a signal that indicates when the cartridge is nearly or completely empty. This is particularly beneficial in fully automated processes as the user can prepare a new cartridge in time. The ergonomic bayonet closure of the pressure tank contributes to quick and easy exchange of the foil cartridge. This helps achieve maximum productivity.

DELO®-FLEXCAP® 10 ml and its larger variant with a volume of 30 ml are easy to combine with the pneumatic DELO®-DOT PN2 jet valve. The foil cartridge and the valve are a strong duo when it comes to fast, precise and reliable adhesive application.

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