One-Component Epoxy Resins from DELO Withstand Temperatures to +250 degrees C


DELO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives for automotive, consumer and industrial electronics applications, now offers one-component epoxy resins that withstand temperatures ranging from -65°C to +250°C (-85°F to 482°F). These new anhydride-based adhesives are ideal for bonding and encapsulating sensors and semiconductors.

Designed for high-reliability applications found in automotive, power electronics and oil drilling, these newly developed, chemical resistant adhesives feature universal adhesive strength, a high level of stability and excellent processing characteristics like flexible curing or good flow properties.

These anhydride adhesives’ high temperature and chemical resistance as well as low thermal expansion of 11 ppm/K or lower can be attributed to their extremely dense crosslinking. 

DELO’s anhydride-based adhesives remain strong and stable at temperatures as high as +250°C. Even after 500 hours of storage at that temperature, these adhesives have a tensile strength of 50 MPa, while compression shear strength on ceramic remains at 8 MPa at a measured temperature of +220°C. 

Technical Specifications

  • Wide temperature range from -65°C to +250°C (-85°F to 482°F)
  • Thermal expansion of only 11 ppm/K or lower
  • Tensile strength of 50 MPa after 500 hours of storage at +250°C
  • Compression shear strength on ceramic of 8 MPa at +220°C



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