Solvent-free Activators from DELO Speed up Curing Time


DELO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives for automotive, consumer and industrial electronics applications, has developed two solvent-free activators that speed up the curing time of metal adhesives like DELO-ML. These new activators prevent solvent vapors escaping into the environment, potentially causing both health and environmental hazards.

DELO’s low-viscous DELO-QUICK 5910 and the higher-viscous DELO-QUICK 5975 can be dispensed together with adhesive, without having to evaporate first. Components can be joined and processed immediately after dispensing of the activator, reducing cycle time in the production process.

These solvent-free activators do not require extraction systems in production and there is no need to protect against possible explosion.

Each activator includes fluorescent agents, a bluish one in DELO-QUICK 5910 and a reddish one in DELO-QUICK 5975. These agents allow the application process to be monitored via a camera to ensure quality assurance.

These activators improve humidity resistance when bonding metals like stainless steel or aluminum. Nickel, which is considered difficult to bond because of its different coatings, can also be easily bonded with DELO-QUICK 5975.

DELO-QUICK 5910 and DELO-QUICK 5975 can be processed easily and applied using a rotor spray, an endless piston dispenser, a pinch valve, a brush coating or a spray coating.

Technical Specifications

  • Can be dispensed together with adhesive, without having to evaporate first
  • Includes fluorescent agents
  • Improve humidity resistance

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