Withstand temperatures up to +180°C, allows quick and simple curing


DELO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives for automotive, consumer and industrial electronics applications, has developed a new adhesive for metal bonding used in high temperature applications that require a quick and simple production process. The DELO-ML DB154 retains its strength at temperatures up to +180°C.

Designed for use in electric motors, DELO-ML DB154 can easily bond buried magnets, rotor packages as well as shafts to hubs.  This new adhesive offers exceptional temperature stability and heat resistance, achieving more than twice the shear strength values of other methacrylates in the same temperature range.

Many other adhesives on the market experience a strong power drop at temperatures above +150°C. DELO-ML DB154 retains its strength when it comes in frequent contact with high temperature, corrosive fluids, such as gear oil, motor oil and gasoline.

Cured by exposure to UV or visible light, the adhesive reaches initial strength within six seconds, securely fixing the components and allowing the process to promptly continue. This provides an even initial fillet strength for more secure bonding. Full strength of this adhesive is achieved when no oxygen is present in the curing process.

Unlike one- or two-component epoxy resins, light-curing methacrylates, such as DELO-ML DB154, require shorter periods of curing time. This enables a faster production process as well as helps reduce the carbon footprint made during production, since no energy is used for heat curing. It also eliminates the mechanical fixing of the components prior to heat curing, saving additional process time.

This medium-viscous product adheres to steel and aluminum as well as to magnets made of rare earth often consisting of an iron-neodymium mixture. If an activator is used, metals can also be joined to a component made of plastic.

Technical Specifications

  • Features high strength and withstands exposure to up to +180°C
  • Initial curing within six seconds
  • Faster production time; reduced carbon emissions

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