2-part epoxy glue range with outstanding strength



德路公司在环氧树脂的基础上推出了双组分反应型胶粘剂这样的一个产品组合: 它们的范围涉及了可迅速固化的快速胶粘剂、高稳定性的结构胶粘剂以及灵活的应力平衡的多种胶粘剂,它们也具有抗高温性能。除此之外,这个产品系列还包括了特殊的树脂以及应用于光伏工业和半导体工业中晶圆切割所需的可溶胶粘剂。DELO-DUOPOX 胶粘剂通过将树脂和固化剂在室温下搅拌混合实现固化。大部分的产品可通过使用双胶管系统DELO-AUTOMIX 进行操作.双组分针筒借助于静态的混合管可实现零部件加工处理。总的来说,DELO-DUOPOX 胶粘剂具有广泛的适用性,良好的抗化学腐蚀性和出色的力学性能,这就是为什么它们可以应用在各个不同的工业生产领域。

  • 室温固化,适当加热可加速固化
  • 双组分
  • 适用范围广
  • 耐用性
  • 一般的温度应用范围可到140°C
  • 良好的抗化学腐蚀性和抗高温性能


Excellent bonding results – Thanks to DELO's state-of-the-art adhesives

For more than 50 years, DELO has been convincing customers with its adhesion solutions: Whenever reliable, durable and fast-curing bonds are necessary, DELO glues report for duty!

The application fields and possibilities of use are highly diverse and the industries range from microelectronics, electronics, RFID, automotive and photovoltaics to mechanical engineering. If you are looking for a bonding solution for your components, then ask for details of our products, and benefit from expert advice on adhesives. From cyanoacrylate and epoxy resin adhesives to silicones, DELO is guaranteed to have the right adhesive for you.

LED curing lamps for quick adhesive curing processes

Speed is often the focus when it comes to using adhesives. UV curing lamps enable fast curing and are therefore often indispensable in the production process.

UV LED lamps offer technical properties that deliver significant advantages for adhesive curing:

  • Light intensity adjustable to a constant high level
  • Useful life can exceed 20,000 hours  (“on” time = lifetime)
  • Low operating costs through low current consumption and low costs for maintenance and spare parts
  • No warm-up time and therefore ready for operation immediately
  • Reproducible curing properties on the entire irradiated area
  • Very low heat development at the component
  • Compact design

DELO dispensing equipment for precise adhesive dispensing

Adhesive, application and desired degree of automation – these factors are decisive for the selection of suitable dispensing equipment, such as dispensing guns, valves and pressure tanks.

DELO’s adhesive dispensing equipment is precisely adapted to its high-tech adhesives and enables optimum production processes. You benefit from cost-effective adhesive processing that can be integrated into the process flexibly. Jet systems, in particular, must operate precisely and fast, and must be compact. Precision is necessary for the accurate and reproducible application of tiny adhesive quantities; speed enables fast processes, while a compact design allows integration into any production system.

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